As an entrepreneur with a small to middle sized company tax plays an important role within your company. That's why we started a tax department which will help you save on taxes and that can advise you within the gigantic amounts of laws and regulations surrounding taxes in the Netherlands and possibly abroad.
We take care of your complete taxes and optimize your fiscal position. We also help you during tax controls and gladly defend your fiscal interests.

We also decide the fiscal structure for you and effectuate any possible restructuring. Business succession, estate planning and other complex fiscal advice is also possible. It's important for you to know that because of a society that asks for more regulation we also have lawyers which can help you with any legal issues. Good contracts will only become more important, because of the ever watchful government and the developments in Europe.

Our fiscal services are:
             Taking care of the remittances for income and partnership tax;
             Taking care of all other fiscal remittances, along with turnover tax and retention tax;
             Offering consultation with the fiscus;
             Putting objections and appeals up;
             Giving fiscal law advice for business succession, estate planning, pension questions, etc.
Jan de Rooijstraat 49
5171 DR Kaatsheuvel

Postbus 155
5170 AD Kaatsheuvel
T 0416 300 969
BTW NL 8173 62 307 B01

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