The accountants of Deckers PWS help you look backwards and forwards. We don't just set the numbers, we judge them critically. After all, you gain the most from honest and clear advice. How well is your company doing? Where are the chances and where are the pitfalls? What could go better or more efficient? Together we make sure your company is and stays healthy. Now and in the future.

The accountant services we offer:
  Putting together, judging and checking the annual financial statements;
  Delivering audit reports;
●  Writing and judging forecasts;
  Making intermediate reports;
 Arrange and take care of automated financial and salary administrations;
 Giving advice about and helping with your administrative organisation and internal check up;
 Advising about and helping with financial questions and business economical issues.
Jan de Rooijstraat 49
5171 DR Kaatsheuvel

Postbus 155
5170 AD Kaatsheuvel
T 0416 300 969
BTW NL 8173 62 307 B01

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