Deckers PWS is an independent, powerful and ambitious organisation with everything an entrepreneur needs nowadays. An organisation with experience in advising and supporting all kind of different sectors and industries for small and middle sized companies. But above all we are an accounting firm with an eye for your company, industry and future plans. Together we will build a healthy financial basis and company structure that can handle everything.

Our power is our ability to actively and proactively support entrepreneurs. We ask the right questions, listen to our clients, signal any problem and offer the best solution. Every entrepreneur, company and relation is unique in our eyes. They are the center of our company.

By making a personal connection and being involved with our clients and their company we can look after their every need. Engagement, clarity and trust are the core elements of our services. Whether that's accountant services, advice about tax law, salaries or company advertisements: Our clients can count on our reliability. By regularly being in contact with the client we can make sure we are aware about any developments that might occur. This is both efficient and effective.

From retail to wholesale, from services to industrial production: Our clients are active in the many different industries of the small to middle sized company. Foundations and associations make use of our services as well.

Our clients are, without fail, companies and entrepreneurs with ambition who expect us to be there for them in any way we can. That is something we do with pleasure!


We are always searching for new challenges as a growing SME- accounting firm Modern, professional and involved: words that count for something to us. You see them in our services. We offer you a great and fast service, think along with you, are involved and give you advice, whether you asked for it or not. Of course we do that from our own industry: Accountancy. But tax law and any legal aspects that are always attached to that are never forgotten. We will find and take any opportunity we can.

 A quick summary of our ambitions:

- Actively following developments and opportunities in the different markets/industries;
- Offer a large service package;
- Clear cost structure (When possible fixed prices for annual services);
- Offering extra value so an entrepreneur who is a customer today, will be one tomorrow as
  an ambassador.

Jan de Rooijstraat 49
5171 DR Kaatsheuvel

Postbus 155
5170 AD Kaatsheuvel
T 0416 300 969
BTW NL 8173 62 307 B01

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